361 – Filotheou

Through these massive doors you enter the monastery of Philoutheou (1.).


In 1989 it was told that Philoutheou attracted most of the young monks that arrived on Mount Athos. If I remember correctly there were about 60 – mainly young – monks living there at that time. At the same time I heard that these monks were very conservative and they did not show a lot of hospitality towards foreigners and other religions.

Katholikon of Philoutheou, with a clocktower upon the exo-nartex (1764), unique for a church on Athos – 1989 (3.)

Plan of Philoutheou – Erich Feigl
1. entrance
2. Archondarikion – Guesthouse
3. Katholikon
4. Trapeza (Refectorium)
5. Phiali

A. Raffion (dressmaking)
B. Cells of monks
C. Old library – treasury (Skefofilakion)
D. Iatrion – medical room
E. Prosforion and Furnos (backery and ovens)
F. Cells of monks
G. Maghirion (kitchen)
H. Ag. Nikolaos
J. Vainario (winestorage)
K. Ag. Joannis Chrystosomos
L. New Library
M. Igumenion (abbey)
N. Chapel of 5 Martyrs
P. Birth of John the Baptist
Q. Chapel of Archangels



A Semantron, a hammer and a lonely flower at Philoutheou – 1989

Philoutheou: iconostasis (see H.) with Christ, St. Nicolas and St. John the Baptist – 1989

Impressive paintings with wonderfull colors in the exo-narthex (1765), with a apocalips-cyklus: Philoutheou – 1989

Philoutheou, Phiale (5.) – 1989


Outside the monastery walls: after taking of our shoes we relax on an beautifull stone bench – 1989

Wim, 17/2

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