347 – Chilandariou 1997

In 1997 we walked from Sografou to Chilandariou: the path sometimes changed into a little brook:
012 Athos - naar Chilandariou - paden of beekjes

Chilandariou plattegrond

A plan a of the Chilandariou monastery:

015 Athos - Chilandariou toegangspoort

We entered the monastery through this magnificent gate.

013 Athos - ontvangstruimte Chilandariou

You can expect your coffee with raki (or Sljivovicu ?) at the waitingroom of the guesthouse .

014 Athos - Chilandariou
monastery’s courtyard with Phiale

The Katholikon (3) dates from 1303 and was financed by the King Stefan Uros II. Mulutin (1282 – 1321). Also see the picture in post 346 of the Mulitin-tower.

016 Athos - Chilandariou fresco

Under the roof of the Phiale you will find these fresco’s, painted in 1847 by monk Makarios. Look at the face of Christ and the “latin”-influences in those days.

017 Athos - Chilandariou - deur refectory H. Sava

A wallpainting above the door of the refectory (4) with the founders of the monastery (1198), a Serbian king Stephen and his son Rastko, who named themselfs Simeon (r.) and Savvas (l.) as monks.

018 Athos - Chilandariou

A picture of a wooden roof that supports the “800-year old” vine (Q), which accordingly was planted in 1204. It is said that the grapes help infertile women and the monastery receives many requests to send them all over the world!

019 Athos - Chilandariou- semantron

A corner of the exo-narthex, a monk left his semantron (“talanto” says Graham Speake).

020 Athos - Chilandariou oude gang

The hallways are beautiful, but very dangerous:

024 Athos - Chilandariou - de bibliotheek monnik

That afternoon we were able to visit the museum and library (F) and we had a talk with two monks (librarian and gardner)

021 Athos - Chilandariou - knekelhuis
022 Athos - Chilandariou - knekelhuis

In the monastery you will find gardens and this ossuary.

That night in Chilandariou no pictures were taken in our bedroom. But I can asure you that the Scottish and Serbian national strong drinks were abundant available, and we had a good conversation with a anonymous and friendly Serb The next morning we took it easy ……(!)

023 Athos - Chilandariou - de tuinman monnik

We could not leave the monastery before we had to promise the gardner that we would send some flowerseeds from Holland. He looked happy and I wonder what he achieved next year!

Thanks to Vasilis: he showed us this link to Chilandariou’s current renovation .
Wim, 08/2/08

Latest link 2011 here, edited 27/8/2014 by Wim

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