346 – Chilandariou 1914-1918

Unique Colour! photograph’s of the Serbian monastery by Fernand Cuville taken during WW1.
Chilandariou 1

Chilandariou 2

Chilandariou phiale 2

Chilandariou 4

Mitulin 1
Tour conjointe des maisons, dans la campagne: This tower is not within the compounds of the monastery. Is it still in the surroundings or in ruins? It is the Mutulin tower, on the path towards Ag Basiliou.

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2 Responses to 346 – Chilandariou 1914-1918

  1. Vasilis says:

    After the devastating fire (2004)reconstruction projects took place. See Newsletter and pictures:

    Click to access Newsletter_of_the_Reconstruction_of_Hilandar_no2_web.pdf

  2. Wim says:

    This is the Milutin tower, which lies on the path from the monastery to the harbour (Arsanas) Chilandariou. Most people never see this tower, because most people follow the path to Esfigmenou, whitch turns to the right. You’ll see the tower on the Vasilis’ link,see reaction nr 2: (photo on page 13/14). NB.: not far from the harbour you should be able to find the ruins of the Basileos-monastery. Wim

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