333 – books in Dutch and English

This is the Dutch book I bought last week, published 1981.
Athos – foto’s en gedichten – 1981

The brief prologue was written by Rolf Bos
(also see 290) and he also took the pictures.

Father John, a Greek who lived many years in the USA. After his wifes death he went to Athos “to die there”.
A monk of the Bulgarian Skiti Bogoroditsa prepares the meals – 1979/1980

The 21 poems were written by Peter van den Hazel.

Much more interesting to read is this book:

William Dalrymple, From the Holy Mountain: A Journey among the Christians of the Middle East, 1998
As the title mentions, the book starts at Iviron on The Holy Mountain, but the writer travels all over the Middle East the visit the (remnances) of the old Christian world. The book is allready 10 years old and I wonder how things are nowadays, because 10 years ago a lot of monasteries and churches started to faid away……..
Wim, 29/1

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