316 – an other pilgrimage ?

For people who love to be pilgrim on Mount Athos, I’ll advise you to watch Extreme Pilgrim on BBC Two next friday 18 January 22.00 (Dutch time). It is allready the third and last episode, but maybe also the most interesting (from the Athos point of view):

Ascetic Christianity
Pete Owen-Jones travels to the Egyptian desert to follow in the footsteps of the Christian hermit and founder of monasticism St Anthony. His trek to the desert culminates in a long spell alone in a cave in the wilderness.

Wim, 14/1

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  1. Wim says:

    Except for the lower part of fresco on the outside wall of the refectory: you can see the feet and legs are missing in the meanwhile……………….

  2. herman says:

    Sorry, try again.

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