312 – Art: Maria Papadimitriou

(This post was changed on 12th july 2008)
Maria Over Mount Athos
A hot air balloon floats silently over Mount Athos… Not just any balloon but one carrying an image of Maria’s face. Much to the surprise of the monks living on the peninsula, the face does not belong to the Blessed Virgin Mary but to the artist Maria Papadimitriou. With this visitation from above, Papadimitriou questions the centuries-long ban that bars women from visiting Mount Athos to see its cultural and natural treasures.

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  1. maria papadimitriou says:

    Thank you very much for presenting my project about Mount Athos, but please remove the link from “maria papadimitriou” tag. It is unacceptable to connect my name with this kind of porno-sites. You must link my name ONLY with my personal home site wich is http://www.tama.gr. Otherwise you will force me to report you.

  2. Wim says:

    Dear Mss. Papadimitriou, thank you very much for your reaction! We immediately removed this wrong and http://www.tama.gr link and replaced it with your personal link http://www.tama.gr. We did not have ant wrong intentions, but we appologize anyway. Yours cincerely, Wim Voogd

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