297 – Kavsokalivia

Again a film (see also nr. 295) this time shot in the skiti of Kavsokalivia. The monk on this video is explaining a lot and shows a kind of cave. Maybe one of our greek visitors could help us telling what the story behind this cave is ? Feel free to react, click on “reageer”.
These kind of videos are rare and pretty special because it is officially not allowed to film on the holy mountain.

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  1. Wim says:

    According to Sydney Loch (page 213)and the text above this video this is the cave of Akakios the Younger. He lived in the cave of Maximos, a 14th century hermit, who gave the name to this part of Athos, because he had the custom to set fire to the places where he slept (Kavsokalyvia or Burnt Huts). Akakios died in 1730. He was well known because he perferred to sleep standing. Loch writes: “the horizontal saplings of his bed are still in place”, and are – 50-years later – still to be seen on this video.
    Wim, 29/12

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