294 – Mules

Harbour Kleftiko. mules are leaving for a 700 meters climb to Kerasia. May 2007.

Kavsokalivia, may 2007

Kavsokalivia. may 2007

When Robert Byron (who wrote The Station, Athos: treasures and men, 1931) was at Kerasia he had a problem finding mules for his party for his climb upon Mount Athos. He was only 22 years old and very arrogant to the monks: “Listen ” I said. ” We start in 2 hours time. If there are four mules, we will take them. If there are not, we will go on our feet. But one we must have to carry our coats and food. Find it.”

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2 Responses to 294 – Mules

  1. h says:

    Erg leuk verslag. Is het niet leuk om alle nummers van de posts achter elkaar op te nemen zodat je in een keer alles van dag 1 tot dag 2 kan lezen?

  2. Wim says:

    Een goed idee, ik dacht er vanmiddag zelf ook aan. Het is inmiddels wel een hele klus, met 186 posts !!

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