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During the past 5 years Doug Patterson has visited Mount Athos 12 times spending a total of 6 months walking throughout the holy mountain and visiting all 20 monasteries.

The Mount Athos portfolio consists of over 200 artworks which includes sketches, water-colours and oils. This is the most comprehensive collection since the artist and Russian monk, Vasileios Gregorovic Barsky, who in 1745 visited Mount Athos and recorded the life, landscape and architecture of the holy mountain.
I could not find images of the Barsky drawings on the internet but on the website of Doug Patterson there is a video where the artist showes the Barsky drawings. These are the titles of the books:
Barsky, Vasily Grigorovich, Stranstvovaniia Vasilia Grigorovicha Barskago po sviatym mestam Vostoka s 1723 po 1747 [Travels of Basil Grigorovich Barsky in the holy places of the East from 1723 to 1747], 4 vols, 1885[-]87

Volume 3 of Barsky’s account in Russian of the monasteries of the east is entirely devoted to Athos, with fine line-drawings of the monasteries.

Barsky, Vasily Grigorovich, Vtoroe poseshchenie sviatoi Afonskoi gory Vasilia Grigorovicha-Barskago im samim opisannoe [Basil Grigorovich Barsky ‘s Second Visit to the Holy Mountain of Athos as Described by Himself], 1887

I like it, the artist plays wonderwell with reality but it has the whole atmosphere of the mountain. If you have something to say about these works please react by clicking on ” reageer”. Thanks!

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