212 – The Smell of Athos

Allthough I visited a lot of churches in Greece, my memory of the smell of insence in the Athos-churches is the strongest, probably because there are so many services every day. Everytime I smell the Athos-insence, I get a lot of memories to all my travels on Mount Athos.
I recently found out how easy it is to burn the insence, because I discovered the MAGALOCHARI charcoal, whitch burns in just a minute (with a lot of smoke!).
This picture shows the insence and charcoal that is used in Orthodox churches:
Wim, 8/10

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1 Response to 212 – The Smell of Athos

  1. herman says:

    Wat zou er in oud grieks op die antieke steen staan? Als je inzoomt op 200% is het goed leesbaar.

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