211 – French 1st WW general Sarrail visiting Panteleimonos

The book of Erich Feigl discribes (pages 50 and 51) the history of mount Athos during the First World War. French, Russian and English soldiers occupied this little piece of land and it would take to long the give you the details.
This first picture shown here was made by a photografer who accompanied G. Millet, a French Athos expert, who published his first book 1904 (Recuell des Inscription Chretiennes de Athos). After the first World War he published his book with the pictures shown below: “Monuments de l’Athos”.
Wim 8/10
This is the text from the Feigl-book: The french general Maurice Paul Emanuel Sarrail (1856 to 1929) on his way to Karyes. Sarrail was leader in command of the 3th Army of Verdun and from the winter of 1917 on the Chef of the “Entente”-troops in the Thessaloniki area. In his accompany is Admiral Vigeaux (picture taken in 1918). Wim 8/10 Sap01_grk8203_p






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2 Responses to 211 – French 1st WW general Sarrail visiting Panteleimonos

  1. Vasilis says:

    Beste Athosreizigers, ik volg jullie tocht met interesse. Voor proskynima heb ik wel een oplossing. Dat is geen naam, maar het betekent in het Grieks pelgrimsoord. De i staat voor iera (heilig). Het vormt dus een nadere aanduiding bij Agios Neilos.

  2. herman says:

    All the pictures are made by Millet exept the last one. Is it Panteleimonos or are all the pictures taken in karyes?

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