160 – day 3: the monopati from Prof. Eliou to Pantocratoros

The friendly monk Filemon explained us in detail how to walk the very old path to Pantocratoros. In this picture of Eliou, taken from Pantocratoros, you can see through which kind af landscape the path goes:
333 Athos 2007  r, Skiti Prof. Eliou
Somtimes it looks as if you walk through a tunnel of bushes and trees:
322 Athos 2007
and then suddenly you pass a fairytail like brook
324 Athos 2007 beekje
and near the strea you can find the ruins of an old watermill:
325 Athos 2007 ruine watermolen
with remnants of the furniture and the old mill stone inside:
326 Athos 2007  ruine watermolen
and outside the building ruined balconies:

327 Athos 2007  ruine watermolenand after that soon you will arrive in cultivated grounds and the buildings of Pantocratoros lie in front of you.

328 Athos 2007  Pantocratorowith a bridge crossing the brook:

329 Athos 2007  Pantocratoros brugand behind the bridge the harbor:

332 Athos 2007  Pantocratoros

I’ll finish with a black and white picture of the laundry of a monk (?) hanging between two buildings near the sea:

Wim: 10/8 (republished in English 29-10-14)

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