148 – Vasiliou St Basil Vasilije

Vasiliou print

This is a large format print (1757) wich shows monastery Chilandar in wide Athonian panorama. The author wanted to present actual view of complete Chilandarian complex including monastery of Saint Vasilije on seashore, tower of King Milutin and Chilandarian church surrounded with high walls and towers. The reception of Tzar Dusan, one of the biggest pilgrim of the monastery, and his wife Jelena is shown approaching monastery. Memory of this historical event from 1347/8 is one of interesting and important occurrence of recovery of Serbian Medieval rulers. This national historical content is confirmed with images of other rulers from Serbian dynasty of Nemanjics left and right of monastery panorama and in the upper frame. The image of Tzar Dusan on the horse is in the lower frame surrounded with shields of Serbia, Bulgaria, Iliria and Stefan Nemanja. This single print represents the part of the collection of about 80 Saint Athos’ graphics which are very precious and extraordinary part of the Special collection of the National Libray of Serbia.


Vasiliou 1918


Sap01_gra3192_p   Sap01_gra3193_p
Black and white pictures taken probably 1917-1919
Herman Voogd

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