137 – Wolven op Athos?


Twee citaten over wolven:
Athos: A Byzantine monastic sanctuary where goat grazing has been strictly prohibited for centuries. Virgin forest pockets exist on sacred Mount Athos; a remarkable diversity of rare plants (19 endemics) and rare wildlife: eagles, cappercallie grouse, jackals, wolves and monk seals.
Threats: This globally unique area is being destroyed by modern development. Clearcut logging by the Greek Forest Service and many roads are eliminating old-growth forests. Recent fires (in 1990) also reduced the forest cover.

He told us other more practical things like how wolves come down from Bulgaria when the winters get really cold. When a monk kills a wolf, they hang the carcass in the town and anyone who owns a mule gives the monk fifteen thousand drachma, the idea being it would cost them much more if this particular wolf had killed their mule.

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