136 – Sint Herman van Alaska



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  1. Andrew B says:

    Lots of great photos and information on the site. Thank you!

    Think some people may not know about the downloadable footpath descriptions from Friends of Mount Athos. Go to:


  2. art101 says:

    Adding to my last posting concerning Mr. Zwerger. In 2008 he made some last updates in his map about new and broken tracks. I could send you some images of his corrections by mail if somebody is interrested. I started visiting athos in 1992.

  3. Wim says:

    Art101: Please do sent us these last updates! I have the latest Zwerger map from 2001(?)in my possion. You can mail me by using “Mailformulier” (just above the banner of OneStat.com). This mail will arrive in my privat mail account.
    Thanks ! Wim

  4. art101 says:

    I think your mail isn’t working for me anyway. I dont know how to send you the images.
    Can you see my mail adress in the comment?
    Thanks art101

  5. Fremaki says:

    I’m also interested in this update.
    Can you send it to fc199517@skynet.be ?
    Thanks !


  6. Fremaki says:

    Thanks : I just received them !


  7. Rainer Ludwig says:

    I’m also interested in this update.
    Can you send it to railudwig@googlemail.vom ?
    Thanks !


  8. Art101 says:

    sorry, I deleted them .maybe fremaki can help.

  9. Wim says:

    Art101: to contact Mylopotamus use this site/email adres: http://www.mywines.gr/

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