63 – catalogus 1997


Een ander onmisbaar boek is de engelse catalogus van de Athos tentoonstelling in Saloniki van 1997. Deze prachtige ikoon (uit Vatopedi) was daar ondermeer te zien. De hele catalogus staat overigens online. (Google zoek op: exhibition athos) hv

One of the most important surviving early Palaeologan icons on Mount Athos is this icon of St Demetrios, which was painted by the artist who executed an icon of St George of the same size. St Demetrios is portrayed from the waist up as a warrior saint. His slightly contorted body is broad with sloping shoulders, and seems to be constricted by the narrow confines of the icon. With its warm, softly blended colour tones and tranquil, slightly melancholy gaze directed at the viewer, the saint’s face presents the expressively lifelike portrait of a young warrior, a martyr of the Church, for whose portrayal the artist has undoubtedly borrowed from old sources that go back to the early Christian period.

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